A white gloved hand taking your ticket… the plush velvetseat…the buttery smell of freshly popped popcorn…all are essential to a classictheater experience. 

Well-designed interiors also rely on a few essentials,including textiles. At Pallas, we understand the understated impact of aunifying color palette…a pattern to draw you in…a texture that beckons to betouched. Essentials™ is designed to do just that. So you can confidently layera pop of color with a statement piece, knowing you have a foundation ofupholsteries that will stand the test of time.

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Being genuine is as important today as it ever was. From the quality of our materials, to the authenticity of our people, we are true to who we are and the creations that bear our name.

Pallas Textiles fuses the art of weaving with today's modern techniques and fibers into sophisticated, stylish and timeless upholsteries, panel fabrics and cubicles that continually evolve in color, pattern and texture.

Pallas Textiles...Made True.

Improved Warranty
In keeping with its tradition of providing high-performance textiles, Pallas will extend its warranty terms to three (3) years starting November 1, 2014. Pallas Textiles products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the industry standards defined by the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT).