Inspired by the modernist Expressionism movement, the Expressions Collection features an artful blend of patterns and textures imbued with a dynamic energy. With the intensity of expressive colors, the Expressions Collection weaves this energy and vitality with spontaneity, improvisation and process.

As with famous Expressionism paintings, take a closer look at this collection to fully embrace the use of color to evoke emotions, the incredible variety of textures that amplify appearances and the stunning complexity of different designs. These qualities yield a collection full of dynamic possibilities for a wide range of applications.

Our knowledge of the ancient art of textile manufacturing fuses beautifully with today's modern techniques 

and fibers, inspiring Pallas Textiles to create upholsteries, panel fabrics, wallcoverings, cubicles and draperies that are timeless yet continually evolving in color, pattern and texture.

Perfect for corporate, healthcare, higher education and hospitality markets. Thoughtfully designed, elegantly woven...Pallas Textiles.

Improved Warranty
In keeping with its tradition of providing high-performance textiles, Pallas will extend its warranty terms to three (3) years starting November 1, 2014. Pallas Textiles products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the industry standards defined by the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT).