Cuffed Pant
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Cuffed Pant
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2x3" Cuffed Pant ChipComplete Business Casual Chain Set
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Application Panels
Content 50% Post-Industrial Recycled Polyester, 50% Polyester
Width 66" W
Weight 11.5 oz
Seam Slippage Passes ASTM D3597-D434, 25 lbs. minimum
Flammability Class A ASTM E 84
Color Fastness Passes AATCC 8 Dry Crocking, Class 3 minimum, Wet Crocking, Class 3 minimum
Tensile Passes Breaking Strength D5034 Grab Method, 35 lbs. minimum
Light Fastness Passes AATCC 16A or AATCC 16E Class 4 minimum 40 hours
Cleaning Code WS - Water- or solvent-based cleaner only.
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Cleaning Information PDF
KI Grade PV View Business Casual Fabric Card PDF (KI-32296)
Business Casual
Pallas Vertical Grade PV

A Michael Laessle Design

Business Casual is for the office that wants to look a little more relaxed, but still dressed up. It has a fluid vertical texture that emits a sophisticated quiet energy.

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