February 1, 2013

Pallas® Textiles and IV Design introduce Wild America, a range of sophisticated, high-performance, sustainable fabrics that celebrates the “wild” experiences and influences of art, music, life and pop culture in America during the 1960s.
“In the 60s, life became an experiment, as new technology allowed us to draw experiences from everywhere, and we were willing to try almost anything,” said David White, vice president and general manager, Pallas Textiles. “We landed on the moon without leaving our living room sofas. Art and music were colliding in the streets, redefining the very nature of popular culture. Technology has once again changed the way we gather information and interact with one another, from Google to Facebook and Twitter. Once again, a designer working from their garage has the opportunity to change the world. So the question becomes, how wild will we get?”
Wild America includes:
  • Reverb—Leo Fender went from building radios in his garage to helping Dick Dale and The Ventures create a sound that defined an entire culture. The vertical stripe recalls long days on the surf listening to those songs. Reverb is available in 11 colors: White Heat, Heat Wave, Red House, Purple Haze, Acid Queen, Surfer’s Choice, Kozmic Blues, Foggy Notion, Whiskey Man, Moon Dawg and Midnight Hour. 
  • Stereo Stripe—As vintage guitars have their own story, so too does Stereo Stripe. This pattern uses multi-textured stripes to play off the psychedelic songs of the 60s. Stereo Stripe is available in 11 colors: Olympic White, Gray Jag, Comp Orange, Dakota Red, Purple Strat, Esquire Green, Sonic Blue, Daphne Blue, Ash Gray, Charcoal Frost and Black Rider. 
  • Grill Cloth—This cross-hatch pattern evokes the cloth found on vintage amplifiers. You can almost imagine Jimi Hendrix placing his foot on the amp as he strikes the chords that made him famous. Grill Cloth is available in 11 colors: Vintage Blonde, Stone Tweed, Orange Tolex, Oxblood, Burgundy Crush, Princeton Green, Bluesbreaker, Navy Reissue, Brown Tolex, Deluxe Gray and Battleship. 
  • Halftone—From Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein, pop art exploded onto the scene in the 60s. Halftone imitates a reproduction technique that uses dots in various sizes and spacings. Halftone is available in 11 colors: Takka, Duridium, Art Critic, Red Lamp, Berry Pie, Pear & Wasp, Forest Scene, Venetian School, Peanut Butter Cup, Grey Tree and Electric Chord. 
  • Modern Blaze—This pattern plays off the signature Op Art style made famous by artist Bridget Riley. The circular pattern is reminiscent of the geometric patterns found in 60s fashions. Modern Blaze is available in 10 colors: Natural Ease, Carnival, Charred Echo, Deep Fete, Sylvan Sun, Going Along, Blue Start, Balmy Gray, Dark Gray and Dominance.
Pallas Textiles crafts sustainability and performance into its textiles:

  • Halftone and Modern Blaze contain 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester. 
  • Halftone and Modern Blaze offer Nanotex, an enhancement process that resists spills. 
  • Grill Cloth, Reverb and Stereo Stripe offer Greenshield, an environmentally safe high-performance nanotechnology that builds permanent spill and stain resistance into the fiber structure of the fabric, while preserving the hand of the fabric. 
  • Grill Cloth, Reverb and Stereo Stripe are bleach cleanable (CDC-approved 10:1 water/bleach mix). Rinse the surface with clear water after cleaning. Use of standard extraction equipment is recommended.
About Pallas Textiles
For more than 20 years, Pallas Textiles has collaborated with some of the best-known textile designers to create an impressive portfolio of award-winning collections. Named for Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of Weaving, Pallas Textiles offers sophisticated, elegant products that are smart, balancing high performance characteristics and environmental responsibilities. Collections include textiles for contract upholstery and panel systems, wall-coverings, textiles for healthcare environments and casements. Pallas Collections are designed to harmonize with the total interior environment and its furnishings. For more information, visit


Aiden McGuire
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