May 23, 2007

– Exhibiting the illusion of continually shifting shapes, lines and colors, Kaleidoscope® is Pallas® Textiles’ latest collection designed by Lori Weitzner. Consisting of four durable Crypton® upholsteries, Kaleidoscope creates a mirage of color in a variety of patterns suitable for corporate, hospitality, healthcare and residential spaces.

“Pallas Textiles is pleased to once again collaborate with Lori Weitzner and bring her visions to life,” said David White, vice president and general manager, Pallas Textiles. “The Kaleidoscope collection meets the contract market’s demands for beautiful, high quality designs with the flexibility to be utilized in a variety of environments.”

Kaleidoscope is available in 37 SKUs consisting of four separate colorful lines which include:

Prism: Replicating an architectural rendering, Prism features complementary colors that twist together, weaving into a pattern of triangles that seem to dance across the fabric. Its geometric design is light and airy. Prism’s colors include Dune, Fig, Dill, Mosaic, Beetroot and Rosette.

Aurora: Featuring a refined stripe of different textures, Aurora evokes similarities to the elegant spray of a spectrum touched by a ray of sunlight. The fabric’s ultra-fine color banding reveals an overall texture reminiscent of the sun reflecting off the horizon. The chameleon-like fabric is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from a classically designed environment to one with more modern appeal. Aurora’s colors include Lichen, Camel, Buck, Honey, Ginger, Garnet, Mulberry, Dahlia, Maritime and Caribe.

Chroma: Similar to Aurora, Chroma uses the fine striaes of color but exhibits them in a horizontal banding within another stripe. The integration of a Dupioni texture yarn creates a rustic feel, while the colors appear to pop in and out of tempo. Chroma’s colors include Wintermelon, Herb, Burnished, Bud Comfrey, Fruit, Lazulite, Teal, Ocean, Silhouette and Wood Heather. 

Illusion: This alluring small-scale pattern uses a raised embroidery-like effect. Illusion’s colors are woven so that they appear from behind and shift accordingly, creating a multi-chromatic look that appeals to any environment. Illusion’s colors include Whisky, Wheat, Sage, Umbra, Smokey, Tiger’s Eye, Terra and Tuscany.

About Pallas Textiles
Named for Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of Weaving, Pallas Textiles was established in 1988 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KI. Pallas Textiles is structured on design-driven principles. The creative balance between sound business management and responsible design intelligence is personified by the Pallas design team. Collections include textiles for contract upholstery and panel systems, wall-coverings, textiles for healthcare environments and casements. The Pallas designers work within a system that considers each design and colorway as an individual unit as well as a variable within its own schema. Thus, the entire Pallas Collection is designed to harmonize with the total interior environment and its furnishings. For more information, visit

About KI
KI manufactures innovative furniture and wall system solutions for education, healthcare, government and corporate markets. The employee-owned company is headquartered in Green Bay, Wis. and operates sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. KI tailors products and service solutions to the specific needs of each customer through its unique “Market of One” customer service and manufacturing philosophy. For more information, visit


Falynne Smith
Eric Mower and Associates

From left to right: Illusion, Aurora, Chroma and Prism

From left to right: Prisim, Chroma, Illusion, Aurora, Aurora, Chroma
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